X-Play-cancelled-renewed-g4Finishing another week of the year and there´s more info to add to the list of cancelled shows of 2012 and the list of renewed shows of 2012. Today marked the cancellation of Attack of the Show, and now G4 cancelled X-Play after over 1,300 episodes on air and several hosts that have come and gone, taking this opportunity as a launching platform.

What is X-Play About?

“X-Play” premiered in 2003 as the first video game series on television, quickly becoming the go-to destination for young guys seeking the latest video game news, brutally honest reviews, hands-on demos and exclusive video game trailers and footage. The series has helped usher in a decade of major game franchises and the development of new consoles and gaming platforms. As the video game industry has grown to over $20 billion dollars per year, with game releases often trumping many of today’s biggest box office hits, “X-Play” is there to cover it all.??Hosts Morgan Webb and Blair Herter bring you the latest news, updates, brutally honest game reviews and exclusive sneak peeks and interviews found no where else on TV.

And now G4 is cancelling X-Play, but will let it play out 2012, so enjoy it while it lasts.

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