3-cancelled-renewed-cbsThere´s another info before the day ends to add to the lists of  cancelled shows of 2012 and renewed shows of 2012. And unlike the three that I wrote about that were getting the callback, this one is a pulling off schedule: CBS cancels 3 and pulls it off schedule effective immediately.

The dating reality show was called 3 but it only got to air 2 episodes. Ironic! Repeats of dramas will be put in its regular Sunday slot until The Good Wife returns in the fall. ”It was a show we tried, we were excited about”, CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler said at TCA on Sunday. ”It didn’t quite get traction. I think overall the summer has been a little bit soft for everybody”.

This is not surprising, since the other broadcast show that got cancelled this week during TCA´s was Trust Us With Your Life, and the ratings were on par with this one, therefore CBS cancels 3 and it´s an expected and understandable move. So now, anyone interested in knowing how everything ends should Google the girls names and see if Libby Lopez, April Francis and Rachel Harley have found love or not.

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