remodeled-cancelled-renewed-cwMy lists of cancelled shows of 2012 and renewed shows of 2012 keep growing. This one had it coming: The CW cancels Remodeled with only a handful of episodes that aired.

The show´s been stiff since premiere time only four episodes ago, and will have two more seeing the light of days (well, nights) until the network premieres yet another cycle of America´s Next Top Model come February 29th.

The show has also two more episodes shot and the fate of those is yet undecided, wether a move to a different slot, or cancellation altogether.

In the end, result is the same, CW cancelling Remodeled and onto a new run of the Tyra Banks veteran flagship reality competition.

What was Remodeled about? Plot Synopsis

The show features Fisher preparing to bring together hundreds of small agencies around the world in a new venture called The Network, which will give him the leverage to change the industry from the inside out. The mission is also a two-fold project; to help small agencies improve their business credentials and to empower models by changing their lives and routines.

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