how-to-rock-cancelled-renewed-nickelodeonYou can never go to sleep early if you are trying to keep up with the lists for cancelled shows of 2012 and renewed shows of 2012; and this one is more of the dropping that Nick is doing lately, since Nickelodeon is cancelling How To Rock after just one season, in the same season as they are cancelling Victorious and ending iCarly.

In Showrunner David Israel´s blog, there was some explanation about why Nick cancelled How To Rock.

Why isn’t the show coming back? There’s no one simple answer. Nickelodeon is going through a transition right now. You already know that iCarly and Victorious are not coming back. Nickelodeon has many new shows in production and development that they believe will better suit their audience. While I don’t love their decision, I have no choice other than to accept it. The Nickelodeon executives who’ve worked on the development and production of How to Rock have been incredibly supportive of the show this past year. They’re good people who want nothing more than to make the best shows for their audience. I know it wasn’t an easy decision for them — they truly do like the show — and I’m grateful for the time and energy they’ve put in to make How To Rock as good as it is. Or was.

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