Sometimes a show goes to the list of cancelled shows of 2012 and it hurts. I was wishing this one to be safe and onto the list of renewed shows of 2012. You can´t always get what you want, right? So now, USA cancels Common Law, making it the firs scripted original series ever on that cable network not to get a callback for a second season.

The show was quite good and had a good cast with chemistry, but underperformed. And that was the nail in the coffin. 

Official confirmation about Common Law getting cancelled came via Twitter: “I can confirm to those who have asked that we are not renewing Common Law,” tweeted USA’s SVP Ted Linhart “Thanks to all the fans who watched and expressed their support.

What was Common Law about? Plot Synopsis

Travis Marks (Michael Ealy) and Wes Mitchell (Warren Kole) are two partners who — apart from their polarity and odd couple behavior — have a seven-year track record as the Los Angeles Police Department’s best detectives in the Robbery-Homicide Division. Since their constant bickering is interfering with work, their New-Age Captain Phil Sutton (Jack McGee) — who found that counseling changed his life — sends them to couples’ therapy. Dr. Ryan (Sonya Walger), a tough-as-nails therapist, tries to help them understand and resolve their conflicts as they confront their demons to enhance their ability to work together solving crimes.

As Dr. Ryan explores their relationship, audiences discover that these two are birds of a feather professionally — and their personal differences actually balance them out. Wes is a former lawyer whose sensitivity to an event in his life sparked his desire to become a cop and he sacrificed his marriage to do so. He sees things in black and white, is responsible, compulsively organized, methodical and often over thinks decisions. Conversely, Travis is a former juvenile delinquent and maverick ladies’ man who was has a fear of abandonment, commitment and intimacy. While he’s an open book and deeply trusts his gut instincts, he’s carefree, irresponsible, disorganized and doesn’t play by the rules.

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