breakout-kings-cancelled-renewedMore information to fill the lists for cancelled shows of 2012 and renewed shows of 2012.  And this one had me yelling and screaming and b****ing in disbelief. And I am still not over the fact that A&E cancelled Breakout Kings. The show was a must watch and was great both creatively and with the cast selected. It turned me and many into Jimmy Simpson´s fans and Lloyd Lowery´s quotes were amusing. And even the risky decision of killing Charlie Duchamp turned out to be excellent storywise.

Matt Olmstead, creator of the show and of Prison Break is moving to be showrunner of Chicago Fire; and I´m sure I will move on and eventually accept that A&E cancelled Breakout Kings, but so far, it´s a hard pill to swallow.

In the show, a squad of U.S. marshals team up with cons (former fugitives) to work together on tracking down prison escapees in exchange for getting time off their sentences.  What´s not to love there?

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