what-not-to-wear-cancelled-renewed-season-ten-tlcMore information to fill the lists for cancelled shows of 2012 and renewed shows of 2012.  I was waiting for this one. It is one of my guilty pleasures, I have to admit. I even did a What Not To Wear Stores Fan Map. WHAT NOT TO WEAR returns with 13 brand-new episodes and a premiere episode like no other. For the first time in nine seasons, Stacy and Clinton plan an entire makeover in less than a day – a makeover that would normally take a week – and will conduct this makeover in front of a live studio audience of close to 200 people, which has also never been done before. The fashion victim, Ana, who is the self-proclaimed Lady Ga Ga of Long Island, has one of the most “unique” wardrobes the WHAT NOT TO WEAR team has ever seen. TLC also turns to the viewers for the first time to help in the makeover process, with fans voting through Facebook on hair styles, mannequin outfits, and the ‘trashing’ portion of the show. Past WHAT NOT TO WEAR contributors also make a special appearance in the studio audience, giving Stacy and Clinton an update on their makeovers and how their lives have been transformed ever since their episodes aired. The WHAT NOT TO WEAR team also interact with the audience and answer some of their questions on fashion, hair and makeup, and the latest trends. This season, the team also travels to Puerto Rico for another series first, as they give three lucky women a makeover they will never forget.
What Not To Wear season ten premieres May 29 at 9PM on TLC.

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