charlie-duchamps-dead-killed-breakout-kingsMy favourite new show from last year came back this weekend for a shocking season premiere. Breakout Kings had a Wow season premiere, top notch TV for the show that follows a partnership between the US Marshals’ office and a group of convicts as they work to catch fugitives on the run.The season kicked off with a dramatic twist – one king fell. Charlie Duchamp got killed by one of the fugitives, making the show take a huge leap forward. Ray Zancanelli got his badge back, and the Breakout Kings are going to hunt the killer. And probably some things will change on the team too. They will be able to have guns, and they will go for a much dramatic run.
But one thing is for sure, Charile Duchamp died in Breakout Kings season premiere. He got killed and it was a big twist to kick off the sophomore run of an already great show.

The episode was called An Unjust Death for a reason,
The Breakout Kings are back on the job and in pursuit of Damien, a particularly vicious serial killer. Lloyd was the doctor on the case that put Damien away eight years ago, and there is bad blood between them. Meanwhile, Erica meets a new tenant in the building with interesting implications. And Charlie Duchamp got killed.

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