shane-walsh-killed-dies-walking-deadThe season two of The Walking Dead is getting more and more impressive, and after this Sunday´s shocking episode in which Dale got killed by a walker and finished by Daryl, after Rick couldn´t pull the trigger to put him out of his misery.
Thing is, the walker was the one that Carl didn´t warn anybody that was going around, so I can see a lot of guilt from him in episodes to come.
Probably the kid in the barn won´t get killed for the time being, thus moving the story into the third season, when The Governor joins the story.
But there´s something important still happening in this second season of The Walking Dead. The big spoiler that the folks from the AMC store let out by mistake. A big spoiler: Shane gets killed by walkers in The Walking Dead. It´s still to know when and in which episode.
But why did Shane get killed off in The Walking Dead? Jon Bernthal is surely going to be missed portraying the character, since he brought something very special to the table, the whole multidimensional thing of the guy who does bad things to protect the people he cares about. The friend in distress that feels he betrayed his best friend, but cannot help to feel in love with Lori.
How did I learn about this spoiler of Shane dying on The Walking Dead? Well, as I said, in the AMC store they started promoting and preselling the second season DVD set so you can pre order and buy; but in there, they put “Watch Shane´s last episode”. Oops, something we didn´t know about. So Shane gets killed? Is Shane getting killed by walkers? Maybe Shane gets killed by The Governor? Or Shane dies in the hands of Rick, or the kid in the barn?
My bet, Shane gets killed by walkers. Rick wouldn´t kill him, and The Governor won´t be around until next season.
What do you think? Is Shane getting killed by walkers on The Walking Dead a good move? Will you miss his character on the show? Let me know in the comments section. Also, remember to follow me on Twitter for more The Walking Dead scoop.