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Guillermo Paz onto The Walking Dead
la la land Hey this is a question for EVERYONE I did not ge to see the episode of it was it good and be spicifict when I say that :)
joshawa mckinnon dale kills shane
Guillermo Paz onto The Walking Dead
STEVEN I thank its Ricks baby.
Casonia Sade Logenberry..Have a wonderful day every one and get the last of summer and really enjoy it and take in the last of the sun and blue skys...Stay Healthy and well! We have no idea? She loves both men and find them both truely attractive and she is young and has no idea what she is doing but only time will tell. She is scared and has no idea and confused and...Left holding the bag..All we can do is wish for the best and see how things go and what is going to happen down the road.
Guillermo Paz onto Quotes, The Walking Dead