walking-dead-spoilers-rick-shane-father-lori-grimes-baby-pregnantOk, everyone who saw The Walking Dead tonight must be left wondering who the father of Lori Grimes baby is. Specially since the show´s episode ended with Lori peeing on a pregnancy test that turned out to be positive.
But, here´s the most important thing. She has been with both Shane and Rick, and looking at her expression at the end of the episode (hats off Sarah Wayne Callies), we can think that she has no idea of who the father of her baby is, or at least that she has some serious doubts and knows there´s a big big trouble ahead for her.
How long have Rick been in a coma, is something that has not been addressed, so how long ago she started going at it with Shane is also a mystery, but she only quit the very same day that Rick came back; so that´s not so long ago.
Now, the timeframe can make both Shane Walsh the father of Lori Grimes´ baby, and Rick Grimes the father of Lori Grimes´ baby.
The only question is wether she´ll know who it is, and wether she´ll tell anyone.
Is Lori going to tell about her pregnancy? Is she going to hide it? Is she going to abort? There´s a lot now to speculate.
Head down to the comments section for your theories.
Mine is, it´s Rick´s baby.

What do you think? Who is Lori Grimes´baby father, Rick or Shane?
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