terra-nova-cancelled-renewed-foxHere I have more info to add cancelled shows of 2012 and renewed shows of 2012,and this one was looking better for the show, with a light in the end of the tunnel, but Slam! Fox cancels Terra Nova, and the only hope for the Dino show now is to be shopped to a different network who may place a bet on it. Mabe it would work on cable, I really don´t see it on broadcast.

The chances are still there for 20th Century Fox to shop the show around, since the show has been an international hit, and had still somewhat strong ratings, being, for instance, the record setting two hour premiere in Canada with 1,4 million viewers in the demo. Thing is, the show was too expensive to maintain, and at 4 million dollars an episode, the network thought the best way to go was cancelling Terra Nova.

Although for a potential season two, there would not be the need of constructing everything that needed to be done for the freshman season, and the costs would go down, Fox still cancelled Terra Nova, bringing another spot available for dramas, with Alcatraz and The Finder date still to be decided (The Finder will likely get cancelled too, Alcatraz has slim but better chances).

What do you think? Are you sad Fox cancelled Terra Nova?

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