breakout-kings-quotes-spoilers-pilotOne of the new shows I am most excited about. Breakout Kings. I had the chance to catch up on the pilot and episode 2 called Collected. One of the things that have me more psyched about Breakout Kings (d´you get what I just did, there?) is Jimmi Simpson, who played Mary on Psych in the Yin Yang sequel, and this character of Dr Lloyd Lowery is quite alike that one on Psych.

What was Breakout Kings Pilot About? Plot (with spoilers)

When convicted murderer August Tillman escapes from prison, Veteran U.S. Marshals Charlie DuChamp and Ray Zancanelli decide to take an unorthodox approach to fugitive apprehension by forming a special task force comprised of the three most elusive fugitives they have ever captured. Convicts Lloyd Lowery, Philomena Rotchcliffer and Shea Daniels agree to assist in the case in exchange for time off their sentences.

Best Quotes from Breakout Kings Pilot

Charlie Duchamp: This is your chance to put Tillman back to jail. If you don´t like it…

Shea: I´m conducting business here

Lloyd: Ciao, bitches

Ray Zancanelli: We decided to use criminal to catch criminals

Charlie Duchamp: My marine code name was Virgin, because I don´t fuck around

Ray: Julianne Simms, meet the animals

Lloyd: Allow me to translate for my Cromagnon friend here

Lloyd: How creative did the kids get in the schoolyard?
Phill: Feel my weiner, crotch sniffer. Are you happy you creep?

Charlie: What the hell are you doing?

Charlie: Did it ever occured to you that we could give this guy some misinformation, instead of acting like a cowboy nobody wants to work with. Get your ass in the car

Lloyd: Who farted? I´m sorry Charlie was it you?

Lloyd: Itps hard to do my job now in this hostile environment

Lloyd: You are very protective, do you wanna talk about it?

Ray: This team was put up together to avoid that. Use them

Tillman: Thanks for the milk

Philly: You can put your hand on my thigh for five seconds

Lloyd: I can´t figure you otu Philly
Philly: You never will

Shea: I said it before, and I´ll say it again: white people are crazy

Lloyd: That is one lucky piece of electronics

Ray: Sometimes you have to fire your waeapon you desk jockey

Philly: When you are done with your jong measuring contest (by the way my money is with Charlie)…

Lloyd: Ma´am if that´s any kind of consolation. There´s nothing in Tillman´s pathology to suggest he´d do anything sexual with your daughter. He´s strictly a killer.

Tillman: I´m leaving now

Charlie: Zancanelli, that´s an order

Tillman: Zanc the tank, the crazy guy

Tillman: I think your boss wants you to do something

Tillman: You take care Ray

Lloyd: This is still prison but it´s better

Lloyd: Every prisoner we get is a month off of our sentence

Lloyd´s mom: You could have been so much more, Lloyd, so much more

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