work-it-cancelled-renewed-abc-4The first cancellations on January are starting to pile up, so my work to complete the lists for cancelled shows on 2012 and renewed shows on 2012 is also starting. And for this one, the writings were on the wall even before the show started to air. It premiered in controversy, but rather than its controversy, what marked the doomsday for the show was its utter sillyness and not its misunderstood concept.

ABC cancelled Work It after only two episodes, and thus marking the first show to go on a high speed note in 2012.

The show premiered to 2.0 adult demo numbers to a meh, but on week two the show dropped 20% and that was just too much for it to handle.

Last Man Standing, the solid option led by Tim Allen will fill the slot for the time being with reruns instead of the cancelled Work It, but that can also open the timeslot needed for the much awaited Cougar Town, albeit not a perfect pairing for the night in a Last Man Standing Cougar Town one two punch, better that than keep shelving Cougar Town, right?

Well, Work It got cancelled and it is in my books as the best cast on the worst show frontrunner for this year.

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