Alcatraz-s01e02-ernest-cobb-quotes-preview-spoilersTonight, Alcatraz premieres, and I already reviewed Alcatraz pilot, but it´s time to check out the second episode, since Alcatraz is premiering two episodes back to back January Monday 16. Ernest Cobb is the second episode and premieres 9/8C.

What is Alcatraz S01E02 Ernest Cobb about? Plot Synopsis

When a sniper begins targeting young victims, Detective Rebecca Madsen (SARAH JONES), Alcatraz historian Doctor Diego Soto (JORGE GARCIA) and enigmatic government agent Emerson Hauser (SAM NEILL must retrace the steps of the past in order to solve this modern day mystery in the all-new “Ernest Cobb” episode airing Monday, Jan. 16 (9:00/8:00c) on FOX.

Alcatraz S01E02 Ernest Cobb best moments and quotes

Ernest Cobb: I wanted transfer, not murder

Warden: What made the island your favourite destination?
Ernest Cobb: A private cell, my private cell

Rebecca: Where´s the rest?
Doc: What are you talking about?
Rebecca: The rest of the notes

Doc: I don´t know Rebecca, the guy would´ve cleaned afterwards, the guy was OCD

Rebecca: When the killer´s back from the Rock, we got two days to catch him

Inmate: Poor bastard, his name´s Jack Sylvane.
Ernest Cobb: Where does he go?
Inmate: Solitary. It´s the last he sees of any of us

And Jack Sylvane is being questioned at the task force HQ.

Lucy: He is back, just like you are back. Why? Are you working together?
Where have you been Jack for the last fifty years?

Jack Sylvane: I don´t know. One minute I was in my cell, and the next minute I wasn´t

Hauser: Then why are you still here?

Hauser to Lucy: You wanted children… go babysit

And that´s the first fifteen minutes, so I cannot tell you anything more as not to spoil it.

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