Alcatraz-s01e02-ernest-cobb-quotes-preview-spoilersSecond episode of Alcatraz already, and the stakes are high for the story. As we learned on Lost, JJ Abrams is not shy on killing off any character, even at the beginning.
Rebecca and Hauser got into an argument right after Ernest Cobb shot Lucy in the chest and Renecca tried to save her by pressing her wound.
Lucy is rushed to the hospital and we do not know yet the outcome of her struggle.
But then we cut to Rebecca cleaning herself and being offly mad.
Next scene moves to the hospital where Doc is in the hallway waiting for some good news, but when Hauser gets in, he tells her the good and the bad news:
Good news is Lucy  is alive on Alcatraz, bad news, she is in a coma, that doctors say may be temporary, but also maybe not so temporary.

What is it with Lucy in a coma tried to be killed on Alcatraz? Was she a target? is her being in a coma part of moving forward the story? Will she wake up with some new knowledge perhaps? Will Lucy die? Will she be in a coma for a while?
All I can say is that she is credited in episodes beyond this one, so at least she continues to be a part of the story, but what will actually happen to Lucy is beyond me to tell. You´ll have to watch Alcatraz Mondays 8/7 C on Fox to know.

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