The-Finder-Cancelled-Renewed-FoxMore information to fill the lists for cancelled shows of 2012 and renewed shows of 2012.  And so much for the Bones spinoff, since Fox cancels The Finder. We can´t really say there´s a surprise there, since the show was performing below expectations, even though it was funny and had a stellar cast headlined by Michael Clarke Duncan and Geoff Stults.

And then, the same day as Fox renews Touch and cancels Alcatraz, Fox is also cancelling The Finder at season´s end. That´s at least a bit of a relief, since the remaining episodes are to air, and let the show go with a bang, instead of just pulling it off schedule.

What was The Finder about? Synopsis

Iraq war veteran WALTER SHERMAN (Geoff Stults) gained a reputation in his army days as being the go-to guy for tracking down insurgents and deserters and finding improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Unfortunately one IED found Walter before he could find it, resulting in severe brain damage with a lasting and unexpected effect. Walter transformed from someone skilled at the standard recovery of people and things to someone much more extraordinary: a Finder.
With this newly discovered “Finder Power,” Walter locates almost anything for just about anyone. Once he’s on a case, there’s no turning back until he’s found exactly what he’s looking for – whether that’s a dead body, a missing father, a guitar pick, a murder weapon or a pair of lucky socks.

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