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Guillermo Paz Follow the links on the article for the instruction on the audition process
Misty Hi, it's this audition place for switched at birth second season? By the way my name is Misty and I'm hearing impaired live in Los Angeles..... Hope you get this message as soon reply soon thank you!! Thank you! Misty,
Guillermo Paz onto Drama
Guillermo Paz onto Drama
Hugh Please bring the show back. They have the typical teenage agnst sex,drugs, being shallow, but the premise is what works!
twillia I am HAPPY to see this show back! I have enjoyed watching season one on Netflix. It IS a good show. :)
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Misty Hello, my name is Misty.. and I'm deaf ....Im interests acting, I guess send you this message might too late ? I love your film about switched at birth so amazing .... Keeping going :) please contact me if there anything coming up more information... Thank you! Thank you! Misty,
Marlo Lorenzo Hello! My name is Marlo Lorenzo, i am hard-of-hearing. i loss my hearing ears when i was 3 years old. I am very Interested in acting and Dancer (hip-hop & old school) since 9 years old. i am 20 years old now and am will be 21 in September 15th. i just graduated Leigh High in San Jose, California where i born and raise. i've been dance with crew in Dance Attack place where i went from in 2005 to 2006. i was won competition dance for the best. And i was actor in my during High School years. i've been known for best at actor.well, i'm very funny, ironic person, soft-hearted, outgoing, courageous, musical and personable. i am really really very shrive interested in becoming an actor in this. my goal i want to be an actor in movies & tv show. dancing with my excellent talent! once again, i am very good at actor so please, contact me as you can, thank you very much! :)
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