We already showed you Kyle Massey´s blooper reel on The Electric Company, Mike Tompkins mashup video and Good Charlotte performing Who, What, Where, When, Why and How on The Electric Company. Now, folks at PBS Kids as a way to prepare for season three of The Electric Company, premiering February 7th, get Award-winning actress, Rita Moreno, who was part of the original cast when “The Electric Company” launched in 1971, will once again “feel the power” when she participates in an online interview pegged to the season three premiere of the contemporary version of the iconic series on February 7 on PBS Kids! GO (check your local listings).

Using the YouTube application, Google Moderator, fans of the old and new versions of the hit series are welcome to submit questions through words or video now on “The Electric Company’s” YouTube site. Fans will get a chance to vote on their favorite questions, and in a couple weeks, Priscilla Diaz who plays “Jessica” will have the opportunity to interview the famous actress for your viewing pleasure.
While Moreno’s credit list is long and impressive, “The Electric Company” will always hold a special place in her heart.  She wants to hear from fans of all ages!
So make sure you submit your questions today and vote!
Important Reminder: While The Electric Company targets six to nine year olds, YouTube is for 13 and older; so moms and dads you must be present  in order for your young children to participate.