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Guillermo Paz onto Actors, Awards
Cathy O I have stuttered my entire life and it is always good to hear success stories such as James Earl Jones'. I am so proud of Mr. Jones for all he has achieved, despite his speaking challenges. He obviously didn't let his speech get in the way of his dreams. I belong to an non-profit organization called the National Stuttering Association (www.westutter.org) that helps people who stutter and offers chapter meetings, workshops and conferences for kids, teens and adults who stutter. As a matter of fact Vice PResident Joe Biden, Annie Glenn and John Stossel are just a few of the many successful people who have spoken at our conferences! Thanks to the author for highlighting not only his talents, but also his courage for facing his stuttering. It was very uplifting! Someone reading your article will see that they shouldn’t let their differences get in their way of their dreams just as Mr. Jones didn’t – he leads by example!
Guillermo Paz onto Awards