This Sunday the Sag Awardsare handed. And You can watch the Screen Actors Guild Online or follow our live blogging coverage.

But now, we want to let you know everythin about the Actor Statuette
Each statuette carries a serial number engraved at its base. Numbering began with No. 1. The first statuette cast
is on display at Screen Actors Guild headquarters in Los Angeles, and 548 statuettes have been awarded since
the first Actors were presented in 1995. The Actor weighs 12 pounds and stands 16 inches tall. Each Actor is
cast in solid bronze, using the lost wax process. The statuette has a green-black patina and stands on a base of
polished black granite. The Actor is the work of a team of fine arts professionals. It was sculpted by Edward
Saenz and designed by Jim Heimann and Jim Barrett. The statuette is cast at the American Fine Arts Foundry
under the supervision of Brett Barney.
Five 10-foot, 200-pound likenesses of the coveted Actor statuette grace the SAG Awards’ red carpet and stage.
The painted fiberglass statues were constructed by Scenario Design in Los Angeles under the supervision of
Scenario Design President Paul Buckley and Scenic and Sculpting Department Head Daniel Lucas.