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Guillermo Paz onto Animated Shows
April I agree with you Ross. This is the classic Fox move that they always pull. It's sad that they never gave this show a chance. It's got such a great cast too! Family Guy has been getting on my nerves for quite sometime now. It used to be a good show until it came back. That's when they took advantage of it and the humour became crude and for people with low IQ's. The Cleveland show is going to suck, just like American Dad. Notice how they all have the same characters? The same stupid humor? I'm sorry, but I don't want Animation Domination to be a bunch of Seth MacFarlane shit bag shows.
Ross I am so livid at the moment! Not about Chuck or King of the Hill being cancelled. Chuck should never have been made and King of the Hill has been hanging on by a hair on Bill Dauterive's bald head for the last couple of years! Fox gives a flop like Greg The Bunny 13 episodes, yet they give Sit Down, Shut up 6 episodes. I am sorry, but in my opinion that is just not giving a fighting chance that, lately has been funnier than Chuck or King of The Hill has been in recent memory, and funnier than Greg The Bunny EVER was. This is a typical Fox move and what makes it worse is what they may be putting in it's place, The Cleveland Show! The Cleveland Show is a spin off of Family Guy, which has been more offensive than funny since 2007. Whether they put this in it's place or find another crap stain to replace Sit Down, Shut up... it's a bad move and I wish I knew what I could do to save this show!