Same as earlier this year a rumour about Johnny Depp being dead, this time is about mexican star Luis Miguel´s health.

Some rumours claims Luis Miguel is dead, some claim Luis Miguel is in an irreversible coma, and some claims Luis Miguel is ok and healthy.

Let´s see:

According to what mexican journalist Omar Ramos says: Luis Miguel was always very hermetic and deliverd few news, so it´s not unexpected the silence from his crew.

Some even say these Luis Miguel´s death rumours are a marketing campaign for his new album debuting september… but… first of all: Luis Miguel doesn´t need that kind of strategy… he´s huge in all Latin America, also… there´s a long way to september.

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara said Luis Miguel is ok after being hospitalized.

Here we are hoping for the best for Luis Miguel, and do not jump to conclusions too soon. Rumours are just that… rumours.