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Guillermo Paz onto Sitcoms
Tracey The Sarah Silverman Program was actually very funny. They will cancel a show like that, but keep unfunny trash like Workaholics, Entourage and Futurama
michelle Will the program Downsizing program be going off the air Please this season. it just angers me, they have more than i ever in my llfe ever thought of having and complaining. I too have MS, and a single mom, and Disabled RN. worked my entire life. and I just don't think its fair to put people like that on a program and slap people like us that are trying so hard knowing they are being paid for a program wearing better cloths and eating far better than my own children. My husband took off. Im doing this on my own. there are allot more people suffering far worse than these people i would rather see a comady or something else.