monarchs-alex-chu-book-reviewA new Book came my way and as per usual I cannot contain myself and I go read. This one had a cover that did not particularily caught my attention, as it seems more about coffee recipes than a novel, but nonetheless, th phrase “Based on an actual e-mail sent to the author” did interest me.

And all I can say is, good thing I didn´t judge the book by its cover. Monarchs is indeed a fast paced filled with mystery and murder thriller novel.

What if you could get wealth and power? What would you be willing to do for those two otucomes for your life? Would you be willing to kill for wealth and power? Would you be willing to offer a human sacrifice? Most of us wouldn´t, but Logan, the center character of this book indeed would. And that killing, that sacrifice is what starts propelling him up in life. All thanks to the Monarchs, a super secret society who provides that wealth and power to its members in exchange for a “little” sacrifice.

You then no longer mix with your old buddies, you are up in the ranks now, you mix with other powerful people. You will have to do anything and everything to take good care of your new status. Does that mean that murder is now a common currency in your life? Perhaps… if you´re a Monarch.

Not all good things in life come for free, but they do indeed come.

This book presents many moral conundrums and questions. And it is a book you may very well enjoy reading.

It took me four seatings to go through all 237 pages. When I started reading it, I blew through it. What took me most was picking it up for the first time.  Once you do, you will finish it quickly… just as how Logan did with his victims.

What do you think? Will you give Monarchs a shot? You can find this book on Amazon here.

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