moocsimageLately I have started doing a lot of online courses via MOOCS, also knows as Massive Online Open Courses.
There are tons of sites that are offering these kinds of courses, so I decided to add this as a new subject on the site. And I will start by reviewing the main sites, and then I will move on to review some of the courses I am taking or I have taken lately.

Why MOOCS? Basically for tons of reasons, some of which are:

1- The courses are free and you can enroll on any one of them and learn a lot without paying a dime.
2- The courses are offered by top notch Universities that you may not have access either because of budgetary reasons, or geographical reasons.
3- The subjects are very varied and can go into any niche of the learning spectrum.
4- You can either take courses Self-Paced or follow the teacher´s plan.
5- You can take the courses in whatever spare time you may have.
6- You may add the courses you take to your resumé. Sure, it´s not the same as getting official credit in most cases, but in some you can even get credit.
7- You will indeed learn.
8- There are MOOCS in every language, so even if English is not your first language, you can still get great offerings.
9- You can interact with other students online.
10- There are courses with just a couple weeks long, up until full certifications and diplomas that can take up to a year or more.

As I said, lately (in the last 4 months) I´ve taken 12 MOOCS, and I am currently enrolled in ten more, so I thought I could start reviewing them here, so you can take a look and maybe decide if this can be helpful for you.

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