neal-kiss-alex-white-collar-season-finale-spoilersWow! Just Wow! there´s no other way to start an article about Season 2 finale of White Collar other than say Wow. I have to say. White Collar is probably one of the best written shows nowadays. Hats off to Jeff Eastin.

If you haven´t watched season 2 finale of White Collar, do not read this article, since it´s filled with White Collar finale spoilers.

The episode is called Under the Radar, but that´s not exactly what you see in the episode, you see a bang, a big bang way over the radar, but you can´t stop it. It just blows you away.

In an episode where Neal gets closer to finding out the truth about Kate’s death we get the chance to see Alex played by Gloria Votsis back, hot as ever, and yes, Alex kisses Neal Caffrey… but that´s jumping a little ahead. After Sara kissed Neal last episode, one has to admit the guy has swagger.

Best Quotes and Spoilers from White Collar Season 2 Finale Under The Radar

Peter: Carrying around evidence is considered valuable field experience

Sara: You look well
Neal: Thank you

Sara: If we are going to continue working together we should definitely not ignore the other night

Diana: When did that happen?

Sara: If there´s anything between us, don´t lie to me
Neal: I wouldn´t ever
Sara: Yes, you would

Sara: Lunch tomorrow?
Neal: My place?

Peter: Painting it for your girlfriend?
Neal: Are you nine?

Peter: I´ll arrest who I want

Neal: Tell me about the last time you saw Alex

Peter: Watches?
Mozzie: Oh
Peter: Money?
Mozzie: What Money?
Peter: The three hundred dollars

Vincent: I can´t tell you how much pleasure to see you again

Vincent Adler: Neal, take off your anklet

Alex: Should I?
Peter: I think it´ll help

Alex: This is part of the plan. You let yourselves get caught, then the FBI rescues you
Peter: You got the first part of the plan right

Peter: That was close

I still remember the last time I wanted to know what was inside a hatch.

Neal: Adler, are you seeing this?
Vincent Adler: Yes
Neal: Not anymore

Peter: That looks like a fractal. Bingo!

Alex: Shoot us Vincent
Vincent Adler: Ok. Shoot them. Then get them up or something

Mozzie: I´m not comfortable with this
Diana: We know… it´s not like we are abducting you
Mozzie: Can I come out?
Jones: No
Mozzie: Then it feels like an abduction

Sara: I don´t know why, but I like you

Neal: Adler is taking the whole archvillain thing seriously

Four words: Neal – mouth – Alex – cleavage: How did they do it and not seem cheesy or dirty? Beats me, but they did

Neal: You saved me again
Alex: You saved me
Aaaand there´s the kiss between Alex and Neal while Sara watches and slowly turns around the second Neal notices her. Classic.

Neal: (While going to talk to Sara) Jones, if I´m not back in ten minutes, send backups

Alex: You remind me of this treasure. Some lovely fantasy that is out of reach

Sara: You didn´t try to change him?
Elizabeth: No. Why would I?

Elizabeth: Neal is a lot of things, but when it counts, you can trust him

Vincent: All´s fair in love and war

Vincent: You are as close as a son as I ever had

Vincent: There´s nothing sadder than a conman conning himself

Peter: Where the hell´s Neal?

Neal: I didn´t steal the art
Peter: I think you did
Neal: Then prove it

But who stole the art in White Collar season finale?

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