seth-meyers-men-make-laugh-martha-stewart-special-hallmarkWe already talked about Hallmark Special Martha Stewart Presents: Men Who Make Us Laugh that premieres Sunday March 27th.

Now there´s something more about this interview special from The Queen of baking, two of the interviews were announced: Conan O´Brien and Seth Meyers will be in Men Who Make Us Laugh.

One thing is for sure, they both make me laugh. I don´t know about you.

The special features one of Conan’s first sit down interviews since his return to TV and Seth Meyers’ trip to Martha’s Bedford home presenting both funnymen in candid conversation covering their inspirations, work lives, and how they manage to balance the personal with the professional.


One of the good things about this kind of specials is that you get to see the other side of famous people. Martha Stewart is a kind and warm interviewer thus making it very nice to watch.

“You are doing so much better than me in this interview” Seth Meyers told Martha and it´s all worth it

Quotes from Conan O´Brien and Seth Meyers on Men Who Make Us Laugh

Conan on his insecurities:
“I think my torso is too short compared to my legs. I don’t like my voice. I think it’s an annoying voice…I think we all have our insecurities. All performers fear someone finding out that they’re a phony.”

On summing up his career since Martha first appeared on his show in 1995:
“I got on a roller coaster. It dove down, then shot up, then leveled off for a pleasant ride that lasted about 16 years. Then I climbed another hill and the roller coaster shot off the tracks. I fell 600 feet but landed on a different track and everybody is alive and safe and I’m enjoying myself so I really can’t complain.”

On re-emerging as more powerful, more likeable and more visible than ever:
“Whenever a bone breaks, it is always stronger in the place where it heals and everything I went through in the last year, year and a half has been transformative.  I mean, you never know how good your bad luck is.  If this had happened to me 10 or 12 years ago, I don’t know what I would have done but social media, Facebook and Twitter really enabled me to almost send out a little message in a bottle to people.

On having 140 characters for tweeting:
“It forces you to be very succinct.  You know brevity is the soul of wit so it really did help me.
You learn if you can’t be funny in 140 characters you are doing something wrong.”


When Seth knew laughter was important:
SM: “Just growing up in my house where there were a lot of jokes, a lot of laughter.  My mom has laughed at everything my father’s ever said and she’s a beautiful woman so at a very early age I think my brother and I were like this is a very important thing.”
MS: “Laughter?”
SM: “Yes, and meeting beautiful women.

What do you think about Hallmark Special “Martha Stewart presents: Men Who Make Us Laugh” featuring Conan O´Brien and Seth Meyers? Will you watch it?

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Photo Credits: Seth Meyers photo: Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia/David Russel. Conan O´Brien photo: Meghan Sinclar.