We are entering a Martha Stewart filled month in Hallmark Channel with Men Who Make Us Laugh special and all, but still on March, Martha Stewart Show has an upcoming week in store with very interesting guests.

Martha Stewart Show Spoilers for Monday, March 21

Healthy Eating Made Easy
Upgrade your eating habits with a simple primer of foods to eat and foods to avoid from Whole Living editor Terri Trespicio. Then, classic Mexican chicken tomatillo tostadas with Fred Armisen from “Portlandia” and “Saturday Night Live,” and incredible examples of animal intelligence from wildlife trainer Grant Kemmerer.

Martha Stewart Show Spoilers for Tuesday, March 22

Pies & Tarts
Learn how to make dreamy cream pies, modern tarts, fruit-filled confections, and more from the bakers behind Martha’s new “Pies & Tarts” book: Rustic galettes filled with seasonal rhubarb and raspberries with Sarah Carey; light, bright marbleized lemon tarts with Jennifer Aaronson; and velvety coffee cream pie with Shira Bocar.

Martha Stewart Show Spoilers for Wednesday, March 23

The Hot Show
Turn up the heat in your kitchen with recipes for flambeed shrimp and spicy serrano pepper spaghetti from chef Alain Allegretti. Plus, how to make colorful, gradient-dyed sheets with fashion designer Zac Posen, and a guide to growing your own chile peppers from author David DeWitt.

Martha Stewart Show Spoilers for Thursday, March 24

Pasta Recipes
The king of pasta, chef Michael White, prepares simple yet sophisticated recipes for garganelli con prosciutto and tortelli di ricotta. Plus, Martha’s tips for baking and frosting cakes, and a decorative cement leaf how-to from “Martha Stewart Show” crafter Jim “Figgy” Noonan.

Martha Stewart Show Spoilers for Friday, March 25

The Woodworking Show
Learn about the fine art of woodworking with an hour of elegant, artisanal wooden crafts: Handmade canoe paddles with “Parks & Recreation” actor Nick Offerman, classic Maloof-inspired rocking chairs with Martha’s brother, Eric Scott, and artisanal serving bowls with woodturner David Lancaster.

Also, Martha Stewart will bring a new episode of

Martha Bakes Monday, March 21 11 AM about Pate

Transform your kitchen into a warm and inviting French bakery when Martha makes sweet and savory pastries using pate a choux, a versatile, light dough composed of only four ingredients. Learn how to make classic cream puffs and cream-filled eclairs topped with maple-espresso icing. Then, Martha adds spice and cheese to her pate a choux to make gougeres, a savory — and addictive — hors d’oeuvre.

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