Top-gear-us-cobra-vs-viper-challenge-spoilerOn Sunday, November 21st at 10/9c, History Channel is bringing the international hit Top Gear to the US!  Featuring super-cars, extreme stunts and challenges, car reviews and celebrity interviews.

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This is a Show About Cars. This is Top Gear!
That´s the first statement made by the newest History Channel TV Show.

And after that, and the cast presentations, a fast paced video previewing what will happen in the first season of Top Gear US.

First funny quote by Rutledge Wood: There´s no way she can pull that off. Even I wouldn´t wear that.

Adam Ferrara: That´s Top Gear! Lots of horse power, questionable decision making and awesome cars.

First thing they do is go south for the first Top Gear challenge.

A challenge involving two snakes: The Dodge Viper vs H1 Cobra Attack Helicopter

Rutledge Wood quote during Viper vs Cobra: Oh my God, I crapped my pants.

Awesome moment of the narration: We were just two regular guys hiding in a car wash from a Cobra Helicopter attack.

Tanner Foust: I´m sorry you guys were killed, but I´m more sorry that Dodge killed the Viper.

Adam Ferrara on the Viper: This is actually a race car with a license plate

Buzz Aldrin, American Hero and legendary astronaut is the interview of the episode, and the Lamborghini Gallardo by Balboni, The Lamborghini Murcielago and the Lamborghini Super Liggero are the car reviews of the episode.

And that´s all I can give you as spoilers for Top Gear Season Premiere, you´ll have to watch it. It´s really worth it.

Are you going to watch Top Gear US Premiere in History, November 21st?

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