I got this message and I paste it as it came. Hope it´s useful…

This is an urgent notice for actors in the LA area only. Due to time constraints, only LA actors need apply.

Actors wanted to shoot trailer of action movie for pitch on $10M budget film to be seen by 8 production companies. Budget already secured.


An impotent pharmaceutical attorney hashes out a plan to rip off his employer before a merger but, when the merger broker, whose clock is ticking, hires his best friend to locate missing documents, he uncovers more than any of them bargained for.

The DEADLINE is SEPT 5, 2009

For more details or if you’re interested in submitting, please contact Djon Sende at miami2825@yahoo.com with your resume and headshots. If you have a reel, we would prefer it.

Here are our casting needs.

Samantha Forrester (26-31) M&A powerhouse. She knows how to put deals together.

Mr. Takigushi: Asian American (40-45, support) The brain behind the mischief.

Leo Baxter (45-55) CEO Pharmaceutical giant. Doesn’t like to get hands dirty.

(2) Males. The muscle. Huge brick houses. Blonds.

Thank you.
Djon Sende
Silent Edge production