Current TV is good when it comes to documentaries, no doubt about it, so now, Current TV’s award-winning investigative series “Vanguard” will present “Tiger Farms”.   Adam Yamaguchi travels to South Asia where he investigates the illegal but lucrative black market for tigers and tiger parts, particularly in China, where the Wild Tiger is practically extinct.  Adam exposes the sometimes-deplorable conditions in China’s numerous Tiger Parks, government-run conservation centers that often appear to be anything but.

Watch Video Preview of Vanguard Tiger Farm

What is Vanguard? Plot Synopsis

Launched in 2008, “Vanguard” has become one of the only multi-award winning long-form investigative documentary series on cable television.  Its programming has showcased and provided in-depth perspectives on notable issues such as immigration, the drug trade and the environment. Committed to traveling to locations around the world, its correspondents include, Adam Yamaguchi, Christof Putzel, and Mariana van Zeller. Nominated for five Emmys, the series has become one of the most celebrated news programs in the United States, receiving prestigious awards for journalism including the Livingston Award, the Prism Award, the DuPont Award and the 2010 Peabody Award and the 2010 Television Academy Honor.

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