I´ve already covered 13 Nights of Halloween on ABC Family and many things more to watch this Halloween season… so now, let´s take a look at what else is going around to watch on TV for Halloween 2015.

So, starting tonight, October 25th there are lots of Halloween related stuff to watch. Just taking a look at what every network has in store, and you can settle on some great spooky stuff:

Halloween TV: What to Watch October 24 2015?

Tonight is the night where the most things are in this special programming, so I´ll recommend my top ten options.

– On ABC Family´s 13 Nights of Halloween, my pick is at 1PM The Nightmare Before Christmas from Tim Burton.
– AMC has what is called the AMC Fearfest, and here my pick is at 9AM Resident Evil, because nothing´s as good as to watch Horror in the morning.
– Boomerang has also something special, and I´m picking a 2:30PM Underfist: Halloween Bash
– Cartoon Network is marathoning Scooby Doo, so there´s that.
– Destination America has two marathons, Ghost Stalkers and Alaska Monsters, I´m going with Alaska in this one.
– Disney has a whole day of special episodes, so I´m recommending at 5:30PM Girl Meets World: Girl Meets World of Terror 1 & 2.
– Disney Jr´s pick will be Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey´s Monster Musical at 5:30PM.
– Food Network is putting an all day specials programming, and there I´m going with Giada at Home Halloween Goodies, as you can never go wrong going with Giada.
– From FX I´m going to pick Paranormal Activity, as they will be showing a marathon of all 4 movies, but there´s no comparison to the first one.
– FXX will be playing Evil Dead… and since Ash Vs Evil Dead is coming soon, it seems a great choice. but make no mistake… it is the one on 2013.halloween-programming-2015
– Hallmark is marathoning The Good Witch movies while Hallmark Movies & Mysteries will air Murder She Wrote The Witch´s Curse.

– IFC has Halloween, the movie, MeTV at 10PM airs Dracula, the one from 1931, MSNBC will air Dead Men Talking and MTV2 will air Scary Movie 3.
– My pick from Nick is Liar, Liar, Vampire at 5PM, from Nick Jr I´m picking Team Umizoomi.
– Reelz Channel has Witches Among Us
– Sprout has Alvin and the Chipmunks meet Frankenstein.
– Syfy has a full day of gore, and my pick is Hostel, both at 1:30PM and 1AM.
– TLC has a Haunting Marathon, TNT has The Final Destination.
– Final Pick: Travel Channel´s America´s Scariest Halloween Attractions.

What is your pick to watch on TV October 24th to kick off Halloween week?