video-of-stavros-flatley-on-britains-got-talentBritain´s Got Talent is a great show, where Paul Potts and George Sampson came out… and where Susan Boyle made a breaking performance for You Tube.

Britain’s Got Talent is a British television show on ITV and part of the Got Talent series. Presented by Ant & Dec, it is a search for Britain’s next best talent act featuring singers, dancers, comedians, variety acts, and other talents of all ages. Anyone who believed they have talent was encouraged to audition. The winner of both series received £100,000 and are given the opportunity to perform at the Royal Variety Performance in front of members of the Royal Family, including the Queen.

On the Third Semifinal, Stavros Flatley proved likeability. How with a fun act you can make it to the finals.

Who are Stavros Flatley on Britain´s Got Talent?

When father and son act Stavros Flatley took to the stage at London’s Hammersmith Apollo, the Britain’s Got Talent audience were stunned and delighted by their unique and almost indescribable act.

But for restaurant go-ers in North London’s Winchmore Hill area, it may have jogged a few memories of something they’d seen a long time ago.

Dad Demetrious Demtriou used to run a popular Greek restaurant in the area. And after dinner was served, the entertainment began!

Says Demetri, “The whole idea behind the restaurant was that when you came in, or your friends brought you in for your birthday, it was to stitch you up”.

“We would have a whole hour of cabaret  – we would have Greek dancing, belly dancing, plate smashing… and then we would drag you up to do a Greek dance, or do karaoke dressed as Rod Stewart, or Michael Jackson, or Madonna”.

“It would go from being a restaurant for 100, 120 people, to being a disco, it would go mad. I’d lead everyone out into the street… and back in again”.

And along with Demetri’s brother’s highland dancing and the cabaret character Stavros Dinadoplis Dinadopilou, Stavros Flatly because an enduringly popular comedy character.

After eight years, the family gave up the restaurant in favour of the quiet life. “I couldn’t take it any more,” explains Demetri. “It was brilliant, but hard work. He (Lagi) was just a baby and I never saw him, we had no time”.

Nevertheless, watching his dad perform as Stavros Flatley certainly made an impression in the pre-school Lagi’s head, and it became one of his earliest memories. When an ad asking for applications to Britain’s Got Talent appeared on TV, it was the twelve-year-old who told Demetri to apply.

“He said I should do it and I said ‘No’. But then he said ‘Go on, I’ll do it with you’. We had a practice in our living room and he was brilliant. I thought, ‘OK, we’ll have a go’ – but I didn’t think the reaction would be that good. It was amazing.”

Both father and son loved the buzz of being on stage – and it could be that Lagi has caught the performing bug! Says Dad, “Honestly, honestly, honestly, we had a giggle. I didn’t realise how much of a giggle it would be”.

“When I had the restaurant, people used to come up to me and say, ‘Are you that guy with the restaurant? You stitched my friend up.’ You miss that. When you’ve got an electrical company nobody comes up to say, ‘Oh, by the way, you wired my house’, do they“?

Although planning a Greek-themed performance Prince Philip would love should they go farther in the competition, the pair are taking the opportunity to savour their success just now – no matter what comes next.

Says Demetri, “Someone might say, ‘Are you the guy that did Britain’s Got Talent ?’ That would be nice for me – and for him”.

Video of Stavros Flatley on Britain´s Got Talent Semifinal!

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