movie-moments-book-reviewThe Movie Mom has done it. She reviews 101 Must See Movie moments in this book. The book is not at all about the 101 must see movies. Just the moments.

The official description says: Movie critic Nell Minow (known as “The Movie Mom”) describes 101 must-see movie moments that illuminate cinematic story-telling, from the DBTA (dead by third act) character there to give the hero a learning experience to the unexpected on-set “mistakes” that turned out better than the script.

But that´s not the only thing. The book is very succesful in the way of making you relive the moments, as the author has a way of painting the picture of the scene, and the mood too.

Some of the movies that she describes I haven´t watched and now I want to, some of the movies I´ve watched and liked and want to re watch for those moments, and crazy thing is, the movies I´ve watched and did not like, now I´ll give them a second look to see what she saw.

In that sense, I can call this a very successful book. Content wise.

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