I did articles on The Marathons and Specials for Thanksgiving November 24, the Marathons and Specials for Thanksgiving November 25 and the Marathons and Specials for Thanksgiving November 26. Now it´s time to do the same for November 27. There are a lot of Marathons and Specials. (I will only put the ones I´d watch or TiVo).

Sunday November 26 Thanksgiving Marathons and Specials

  • Kitchen Nightmares Marathon: BBC America has 24 hours non stop of Chef Gordon Ramsay, starting at 6AM. You need to be a fan and drink a lot of coffee to watch it all. But at least catch a couple episodes there.
  • Mad Men Marathon: Starting at 6AM, this marathon will be on every Sunday until season five premieres, and will cath you up on the show. It starts this Sunday with the first three episodes of the show. Watch it on AMC.
  • American Pickers Marathon: From 8 AM to 9PM on History you can follow Frank and Mike while they are after Danielle´s tips for treasures. And you can learn about pop culture history too.
  • The Walking Dead Marathon: From 2:30 PM through 9PM on AMC you will be able to watch the full second season of The Walking Dead, as a set up for Midseason finale at 9 PM.
  • Showtime´s Originals of Dexter and Homeland: There are new episodes of Dexter and Homeland. You can´t miss those!

So, which of these Sunday November 27 Thanksgiving specials and marathons will you watch? Let me know in the comments section.

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