2012-webseries2012 is around the corner, and as many know from either pop culture, films, the news or anywhere else, it marks the end of times according to a Mayan prophecy.
Of course, being the end of the world makes for a lot of sci-fi creation options.
In this case, a web series. So, getting back to a format I like very much, and as usual, offering this space to web series creators from everywhere is that I present to you 2012, the webseries, created by Guatemalan filmmaker Julio Ponce Palmieri , the webseries is focused on the events of the last day of the Mayan Calendar, December 21st, 2012, the episodes will tell the story of a handful of survivors who lived after a successful extraterrestrial invasion. Desperation and panic ensues worldwide as humanity has now become infected and is nothing more than a food source for the invaders. But is it those human survivors, who against all odds dig deep into their courage and attempt to overcome, guided mainly by the supernatural dreams of a virtually unknown Mayan god.

Produced alongside Freitas Films and his CEO Alex Freitas, who specializes in SFX, “2012” promises to be charged with wonderful visuals. The webseries was filmed during the harsh winter in Toronto as well as having some scenes filmed in Guatemala in the exotic locations of Lake Atitlan and Antigua Guatemala.

You can watch 2012 the webseries premiere on July 2012 on YouTube , but in the meantime you can check out the trailer.

It certainly looks promising, and with a bit more budget and production than the regular webseries.

2012 Webseries credits

Paul Tait as Damon
Danesh Hanbury as Bentley
David Burfoot as Dr. Leo
Alex Freitas as Oliver
Colin Paradine as Jameson
Jennifer Polansky as Sophie
Katie Uhlmann as Daphne
Robert Georgijev as Russell
Sean Carsley as Mutated Diseased Man
Michael Risi as Diseased Man
Carlos De Freitas as Diseased Man
Julio Ponce Palmieri as Invader

Julio Ponce Palmieri & Alex Freitas

Alex Freitas

Julio Ponce Palmieri

Will you watch 2012 the webseries coming July on YouTube? Mark your calendars!

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