While pandemic restrictions are starting to slowly lift, with some aspects of life returning to normal and lockdown ending in some countries/territories, many are still wary about travelling when the virus is still rife, and instead are opting to travel domestically or plan for the future.

Live in the UK, and are thinking of holidaying domestically in order to make the most of that time off work you still have going free? Want to visit the UK in the future, but are unsure of where might be the best area to visit? For some inspiration, here’s a short list of some of the best city breaks that you can possibly have in the UK.



It’s hard not to picture the London Eye, Big Ben, and other famous landmarks (such as ‘The Gherkin’) when thinking about a city break in the UK, and for good reason. The capital city of London is a sprawling metropolis, offering nearly every different type of bar/restaurant/tourism experience you can think of. It’s by far the largest city in the country (with the largest population in the country to match, accounting for around 13% of the UK), and it also attracts almost half of all visits to the UK.

For those visiting London for the first time, one of the best pieces of advice that we can give would be to plan ahead exactly what you want to do! Some smaller cities in the UK can be explored and enjoyed by simply walking around and making up plans as you go along, but London can take hours to traverse, and so you’re better off getting the tube if you can and picking certain things that you find the most important!



One of the most influential and culturally powerful cities not just in the UK but also in Europe at the moment, Liverpool has an electric atmosphere, friendly locals, and a constantly booming nightlife. Not to mention that for football fans, with the current Premier League/Champions League title holders, it’s a must-visit area.

For those looking to visit Liverpool in the future, there’s also plenty of regeneration and investment in the city to get excited about. Even if you aren’t looking at it from an investment perspective, you simply need to read about some of the ongoing projects in the area (such as the ones from RWinvest, and the stats that show it as the best UK investment prospect, to understand that it’s going to be a great place to visit in both the near and far-flung future.



Another northern alternative to London, Manchester is a city that has undergone (and is benefitting from) many of the regenerative effects that Liverpool is now experiencing. It’s a huge city that many refer to as the UK’s second city, and with massive retail opportunities, bars, restaurants and arenas/venues for live music, it’s a great place to visit if you’ve been to London before and want something a little bit different.

Again, Manchester has a booming nightlife, thanks in large part to its music scene and young population, which is one of the biggest in Europe due to its many prestigious universities.