tom-hanks-guest-star-30-rock-spoilerAfter an episode of 30 Rock in which Will Arnet was back as Devin Banks, and as I usually say, any scene with Jack Donaghy and Devin Banks is epic, now we´ll get a chance to see one of the biggest stars alive going to 30 Rockefeller Street and pay a visit to folks at TGS.

Tom Hanks announced it n Twitter. Tom Hanks joins 30 Rock as a guest star, in the same season that Susan Sarandon and Matt Damon were among the guest stars. Not bad Tina Fey, you sure know how to snatch big stars.

Tom Hanks appeared in several episodes of Family Ties a long long time ago, and ever since then he was not in any sitcom that I can think of (correct me if I am wrong folks… )

Tom Hanks as a guest star in 30 Rock: Will he play himself as Jerry Seinfeld did when he visited the show? Or will he play a character? I´d love to see him get goofy and have a strange character, but anyways getting Tom Hanks 30 Rock, even as a cameo would be great.

What do you think about Tom Hanks guest starring in 30 Rock? Will you watch it? Let me know in the comments section.

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While we are at it… I leave you the video where I tell you that Jack Donaghy and Devin Banks together are epic.

Former industry mogul Devin Banks reveals to Jack that he’s a househusband now.

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