julianne moore coming back 30 rock spoiler jack donaghyWell… we are low on shows right now, but anyways we can have some spoilery news.

In this case, 30 Rock spoilers for next season.

And one of the most important spoilers of 30 Rock´s next season is finding out what happens to Jack Donaghy´s love triangle.

Well… let´s see, since Avery is pregnant on 30 Rock, we know she will be around (Why is Elizabeth Banks always a guest pregnant on shows beats me… ).

But what will happen to Juliane Moore on 30 Rock? Is Julianne Moore coming back next season?

Well… it appears she will be out of sight for a while, at least she won´t be chasing Jack anymore.

Let´s see what Julianne Moore herself told Michael Ausiello:

“It seems like she has bowed out of the Jack race because of [Avery’s] pregnancy,” she notes with a sigh. “But I hope in some way she gets to come back. If they asked me, I’d be there in a second” — Beantown patois and all. “I went to school in Boston and worked with a lot of guys from Dorchester, so that’s where [the accent] came from,” she explains. “We made it thick…for humor’s sake, but then again, not really. There are folks with seriously heavy accents there, and they are proud of it.”

So, what do you think? Should Julianne Moore come back to 30 Rock next season?