lauren-huttonThere’s no doubt that our smiles broadcast a part of our personalities. Your smile has the ability to reveal how well you take care of yourself, a unique attribute, your emotional state, and more. As you read this article, you’ll learn about 5 celebrities with famous smiles.

1. Lauren Hutton

Lauren Hutton is renowned for being one of the first major supermodels in the US. With her gorgeous bone structure and beautiful eyes, it’s no wonder why this classic beauty was so successful. However, Lauren Hutton’s trademark is the slender gap between her front teeth. While she was originally told to get the gap fixed or hide it with caps, Lauren Hutton eventually decided to flaunt her uniquely famous smile. If you also have a great smile you can Create your own video resume and optimise it online for free. 

2. Madonna

Another top celebrity known around the world for her musical performances and teeth is Madonna. Madonna is known for her outrageous outfits and big smile, that similarly to Lauren Hutton’s, includes a slight gap between the two front teeth that is also her signature trademark.

3. Jessica Paré

A third celebrity with a famous smile is Mad Men’s Jessica Paré. Jessica’s teeth are undoubtedly a set that can be easily recognized. In a Hollywood world filled with overly bleached, capped teeth, Jessica’s are closer to a normal set. Her teeth are unique in their smaller size, the lack of an overly white appearance, and the very mild gap between her front teeth. This gorgeous celebrity is an ideal role model for girls around the world for staying true to her natural smile and not getting her teeth capped.

4. Georgia Jagger

As the daughter of the legendary, big-lipped Mick Jagger, it’s no surprise that Georgia Jagger also has a famous facial attribute. Georgia not only inherited Mick’s full lips, but also a unique smile. Georgia’s smile is similar to all the previously listed celebrities in that it contains a gap and showcases her lovable warmth. However, Georgia’s gap is slightly larger, making her smile even more famous and wonderfully original.

5. Angelina Jolie

A fifth celebrity with a famous smile is Angelina Jolie. Although this actress is known for her undeniable beauty and luscious lips, she is also known for nearly perfect smile behind those full lips that could easily be used be advertised for dental office marketing. Angelina is beloved for her warm smile that tends to highlight all of her perfectly straight teeth.