We are still over a month away from Valentine´s Day, but it´s never too early to start planning. Particularly when you want to surprise someone you love with a special gift. And if that special someone is a TV Fan, you can indeed find several ideas in here interesting for a different kind of gift. It does not matter if your loved one is a Trekkie, a Walking Dead fan, a Whovian, or likes Grey´s Anatomy. You can find that perfect gift.


So, let´s delve into it:

5 Gift Ideas for the TV fan you love

1- Show Gear:

Sure, it´s the most common one, but it´s always appreciated. Whether a graphic tee or a hat; you cannot go wrong with this one.

Pros: Everybody loves clothing. Another good thing about this is that you can get almost any TV show in a t-shirt if you search the web.

Cons: You need to know the size, and it´s not the most original of the gifts ever.

2- Show Merchandise:

It´s the one that makes you go “woooo” and “ahhh”. He/She´s seen the thing on the show and liked it. I´m talking along the lines of Michonne´s sword, Spock´s Tricoder, KITT´s panel or something like that.

Pros: Any fan of a show wants that thing you found.

Cons: There is little use to that thing.

3- Desk Gifts:

You can hardly go wrong with a coffee mug; or any other useful gift for your loved one desk, to enjoy while at work in the office.

Pros: They´re useful and cool gifts.

Cons: Not everybody works in an office.

4- Toys:

Whether it´s an action figure of the favorite character or some kind of electronic toy; it is always a good time to reconnect with the inner child… and nobody likes it better to go child again than a TV show fan.

Pros: Fun to get; and will probably love it.

Cons: Usually has a short lifespan in terms of usage.

5- Puzzles or other mind games:

A nice quiet activity to enjoy together while dinner is getting cooked can be to solve a puzzle. So why not thinking about puzzle table accessories as a gift. You can also think about coloring books and many more options.

Pros: We are in days where pausing and stopping to do calmer activities is very important, and this can clearly help.

Cons: Not everybody has the patience to solve a puzzle as they should.

What do you think? Which is a good gift for your TV fan? Let me know more ideas in the comments.