5-reasons-to-watch-please-like-meI told you about a new show on Pivot called Please Like Me that is based on the real life experiences of Australian comedian Josh Thomas, who serves as creator, writer and EP of the show.

The story follows Josh as he heads towards his 21st birthday. In the span of 24 hours, Josh is dumped by his girlfriend, realizes he may be gay and moves in with his mother, who has just attempted suicide. All of a sudden it seems as though everyone’s life is in disarray and Josh is at the center of it all. For someone with an aversion to confrontation, drama and emotion in general, there are some big challenges ahead for Josh – challenges he can only deal with in his own awkward, self-centered and hilariously frank way. Josh comes to realize he’s growing up quickly and that parents are not always the heroes you thought they were. The charming, laugh-out-loud series aims squarely at the center of the millennial mindset and life-stage, and charges head-on into very relevant ground concerning family, mental health, depression, suicide and sexuality.

The series will launch on August 1st at 8pm ET/ 7pm CT with six back-to-back half hour episodes that night on Pivot.

5 Reasons to watch Please Like Me on Pivot

Participant Media- Please Like Me1- The show´s already been running for a full season in Australia (now in waiting mode for season two pickup). And you know what? Shows like Wilfred came from there and made it big. Aussies are funny and a bit strange, and you know what makes a good show great? Funny and a bit strange!

2- The break up scene at the very beginning of the premiere episode is one of the best little break up scenes in TV. Not too over the top as most times shows try to do it, rather the realization that it was meant to be and the girlfriend serving as the catalyst to realizing he is in the closet.

3- Quotes like “This nineteen dollar sundae is suddenly pretty fucking humiliating”.

4- Dialogs like the one about Googling Giraffes.

5- The awkward vibe you get from the character, and how natural they look at it. Good acting.

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