Finally Lost is back, and folks at ABC are doing the showdown to select the best Lost moment, anyhow  ‘Lost’ fan Stu Horvath has sifted through the giant stone feet and the polar bears to present his picks for the the 23 best Lost moments, and now, here they are: the show’s 8 most forgettable moments.

8- Season 3: Take three main characters, put them in cages and make everyone talk about back surgery. The Hydra station was the first Dharma bunker that should have been deeply interesting but simply was not. When the writers could have been focusing on polar bears and killer sharks, they chose to focus on Sawyer breaking big rocks into smaller rocks. Jack and company’s time at the Hydra station may have been necessary to progress the plot, but so is algebra homework. Neither is a particularly appealing form of entertainment.

7- Season 3, Episode 5: Mr. Eko was one of the most interesting characters on the show from the moment he first appeared, but unlike Boone and Charlie, his death served no greater purpose. He faced down the smoke monster only to have it come back and throw him repeatedly into a tree. And with his death, almost all of the tail section survivors were dead or missing, making fans wonder why they were introduced in the first place. It was one of the few times ‘Lost’ squandered potential.

6- Season 2, Episode 20: No one was upset when Michael killed Ana Lucia. However, when he turned his gun on Libby, who at the time was a love interest for the huggable Hurley, fans were annoyed. It was one thing to kill her off without revealing her back-story, but it was intolerable when the writers saw fit to make her even more interesting by putting her into other characters’ flashbacks. Libby, we hardly knew ya.

5- Season 2, Episode 13: Charlie died a hero, but he took the long way around to get there. In the middle of Season Two, he wound up alienating the entire beach camp when he appeared to be kidnapping Claire’s baby. Instead of trying to explain himself, he opted to start wearing his hood up like some castaway dark Jedi and forged an unholy alliance with Sawyer, beating up Sun along the way. Just when it seemed like Sawyer and Charlie were going to turn into villains, the writers decided to forget all about it. If only the viewers could.

4- Episode 1 to Present: Charlie suffered from the same disease that everyone on the island shares: too many secrets. Given the opportunity to have a constructive conversation or to stalk furtively off into the jungle, residents of the island will choose the latter every time. A good third of the problems of island living could be avoided entirely if the characters themselves would stop being so annoyingly mysterious. When there are plenty of real mysteries to solve, it is endlessly frustrating to see characters acting like schoolchildren.

3- Season 2: Michael’s journey from protective father to ruthless murderer was a fascinating one. However, while searching for his kidnapped son Walt, his dialogue was reduced to two phrases repeated repeatedly: “I just want my boy!” and “WAAAAAAAAAALT!” By the time the pair were reunited and sailed off the island, viewers were thankful they would never have to hear either again.

2- Season 3: In Season Three, the writers saw fit to try to introduce some of the survivors who had lurked in the background of the previous two seasons. While the concept was novel, the execution was painful: instead of developing the characters of Nikki and Paolo, the writers shoved them to the fore to pester people with dopey questions. Thankfully, fan response was livid and both characters were killed off relatively quickly.

1- Season 3, Episode 9: The flashback that attempted to explain Jack’s tattoos was a story more suited to a romance novel than the mythology of the ‘Lost.’ Baffling though the storyline was, it was made even worse by the presence of the reptilian-looking Bai Ling as a love interest who spent most of her time on screen staring at Jack like a lizard hunting a fly. Overall, ‘Lost’ can be forgiven for most of its missteps, but ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ stands as the very worst the show has to offer.

Once again… I agree with most… but for me, the Nikki and Paolo fiasco was the worst Lost Moment of all.

What was your least favourite Lost moment?