body-of-proof-cancelled-renewed-abcAfter a lot of cancellations on rookie shows for ABC, now a veteran goes, as ABC cancels Body of Proof after three seasons of air. The spinoff police show got the axe after performing quite acceptably for the first couple of runs, but spiraling down in its third season.

Twenty years ago Megan had her heart broken. Not that she would ever admit it. As a surgical resident in New York City, she stitched up a wounded young cop named Tommy Sullivan who had been shot during a drug bust, and a passionate love affair ensued. It ended just as tempestuously when he cheated on her. Reeling from this betrayal, Megan returned to Philadelphia, vowing never to be hurt again. She built a highly successful career and an equally successful marriage… Or so she thought. She never appreciated how the demands of her career were taking a toll on her personal life until her husband divorced her and she lost custody of their then 7-year-old daughter, Lacey. Adding to this trauma, Megan then suffered a car accident that left her with a condition called paresthesia, characterized by random attacks of numbness and cramping of her hands. Tragically this condition failed to manifest itself until Megan’s first trip back to the operating room; she lost control of her instruments and her patient died on the table. Megan’s life as a neurosurgeon was over.

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