bet-your-baby-cancelled-renewedMelissa Peterman is on ABC Family´s Baby Daddy and the show is working quite well for the cabler; but that´s not the only thing that this Reba alum´s got working on… as ABC renewed Bet on your Baby for a second season that will be for eight more episodes set for the spring.

Low expectations from it, met with bigger than presumed audiences, and a nice enough international distribution made it possible.

The show is on Saturdays at 8/7 C, and does not need to make huge ratings. And the premise for many is quite amusing: A lot of babies going around creating havoc while their parents try to make them follow their instructions. You know that´s not gonna happen.

Every parent thinks they know their baby well, but are they willing to bet on it? “Bet On Your Baby” will reveal the answer to that question each week.

And the prize is really interesting: A $50,000 college fund for the kid when he grows up. Nice, huh?

So you know. Parents are all trying to get their hands on that big prize.

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