Agent X ReviewBadasses come in all forms, and in this new TNT show, it comes in the way of John Case, a top secret agent who is trained and ready to serve, deployed only at the careful discretion of the Vice President. A vice President played by none other than Sharon Stone portraying Natalie Maccabee; while John Shea plays President Eckhart.

The pilot had everything a show about top secret agents need to have: the mandatory broken glass table, the fight scenes, the hot kidnapped who the agent needs to save, the I thought he was dead, no he wasn´t so he keeps fighting, the over the ledge freefall, the slow motion scene.
The “sexy” fight scene with the russian spy, the big ass car… and that was only up until minute five mark.
So, the very first impression was: yes, it has lots of action, but is it too much cliche? So I kept on watching… The super computer command center, the very suspicious faces everywhere; the Freemasonry symbols.

The hint at the government conspiracy, the larger than life butler, and many more signs pointing towards either a great show or a total flop.

I will give this show a few more episodes until the jury is out… I have mixed thoughts about this one so far… What I can say, me being Argentinian, is that we do not have a Prime Minister. We have a President, we have Ministers, but we don´t have a Prime Minister. So I guess you can catch more of those scripts mistakes elsewhere.

It could be a great show, it could be something we should forget in no time… Pilot was very ambiguous in making that clear.

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