all-my-children-cancelled-renewed-prospect-parkThe experiment is done. All My Children will be cancelled for good after a rescue from online network Prospect Park.

Member of the cast Cady McClain herself said via Facebook, “We were very recently contacted and told that, with great regret, AMC won’t be going back online this year, or in this particular incarnation.”

The other soap rescued by Prospect Park One Life To Live is also on hiatus, and has been for a long time due to a legal dispute between the company and ABC, and is most definitely not expected to  come back either. So there goes the soaps. Let´s also note that SOAPNet programming is going to go dark at year´s end.

Not a particularily good time to be a soap opera fan, as All My Children gets cancelled, One Life To Live is de facto cancelled, and also SOAPNet is going down soon. Other soapy shows still live on TV, but the mainstays are going.

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