amanda_peetYesterday we honored Rod Stewart and Pat Benatar, among others.

Now it´s time to salute those born on January 11th.

  • Chris Perry-Metcalf, Togger Johnson in student´s tv show Grange Hill is turning 20 years old.
  • Movie Star Amanda Peet, Jacqueline “Jack” Barrett in Jack & Jill, and Jordan Mc Deere in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Co star to Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry in The Whole NIne Yards and The Whole Ten Yards is 37.
  • Hip Hop star Mary J. Blige, who acted in Ghost Whisperer as Jackie Boyd in 2007 is turning 38.
  • Jason Connery, Sean Connery´s soon, who, as his father played the role of Robin of Loxsley in Robin of Sherwood. He was also Dominic Senatori in Smallville.
  • Saxaphone player Clarence Clemmons, from Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, and member of fictional band in My Wife and Kids is turning 67.