Update: Paula Abdul tweeted to make it quite clear: Paula Abdul is not dating Simon Cowell. They fooled around on TV to make the show more fun. She said: “Simon is NOT my boyfriend! xoP” See Paula Abdul Tweet.

For the last couple of weeks Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul have been fooling around, touching each other, kissing each other both on and off camera.

Paula Abdul sitting on Simon Cowell´s lap, Simon drawing a moustache on Paula´s face, all the pranks back and forth…

Are they meaningful? Or they are just teasing?

What´s the truth about the aledged romance between Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul?

None at the moment… they are just fooloing around to make things funnier and interesting… at least for now.

What do you think about Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell romance?

Even Ryan Seacrest twitted about it saying “simon and paula were all over each other all night..plenty that wasn’t caught on camera!”